The Seventh-day Adventist Church is a worldwide organisation that operates in 209 of the 232 UNO recognized countries of the world.

Numbering some 17 million members, with around 3,000 people joining the church every day, (though approximately 30 million attend church services worldwide each week!) the Seventh-day Adventist Church seeks to uphold and follow the simple truths of the Bible.

We have the 2nd largest church based education system in the world and also operate a large medical program which includes hospitals, clinics and medical training institutions.

We know there is a God who dearly loves and values us all – a God who wants to have a forever friendship with us, a God who wants to spend eternity with us in a newly created world which will be totally free from all evil, a God who has made this all possible by having His Son Jesus Christ pay the penalty for our evil and selfish behaviour so we can each enjoy a rich free life, now and forever.

This world will not end with a war or some huge catastrophe but with the visible return of Jesus to finish what He began two thousand years ago.